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Learn to keep pace in an AI and  customer-centric world


The Book on the Future of Sales​


The Innovative Seller will provide you with very specific techniques to create the future of selling in plain English. After reading the book, expect:


A clear understanding of technology and AI and how it impacts sales reps and the sales process for you and your organization. 


The strategies to maximize your outbound lead generation. 


The key factors in optimizing a modern sales journey.


The principles of continued revenue growth to scale from $0-10, $10-20, and $20-50 million annual revenue and beyond!


Pre-order your copy of The Innovative Seller by clicking any of the major online retailers below:  




Bonuses will be delivered right to your inbox on March 6, 2024!

The Innovative Seller Masterclass
with Jake Dunlap 


Reading the book is one thing, but learning directly from the author himself is another. Join Jake and one of his closest friends in this masterclass as they dive into the “why” behind the book and go chapter by chapter, sharing key insights and bonus tips to help you apply the Innovative Seller framework to your business. This training directly complements the book and will be unlocked on March 6, 2024, which means you don’t have to wait until the book is released to start growing your revenue. 


Valued at $199.99

The Innovator Seller Resource Kit


As you’re reading The Innovative Seller, you’re going to immediately be inspired to put what you’re learning into action - you’ll be able to! Jake Dunlap has put together customized resources with detailed exercises, thought-provoking prompts, helpful checklists, and practical tools to help you implement these concepts faster. But you can only get it if you pre-order now!

Valued at $79.99 

Exclusive Access to the Innovative Seller Community 


By pre-ordering an early copy, you’ll get a personal invite to an exclusive community that is hosted by Jake Dunlap. There, you’ll have insider access to Jake Dunlap and an opportunity to get your questions answered and join other high-powered members of this exclusive network. You’ll even get behind-the-scenes live videos from Jake and first access to bonuses, contests, industry insights, new content, and giveaways. It’s a powerful chance for you to join a community of other like-minded people who are pursuing the dream of growing their business, careers, and joining the future of sales. 


Valued at $29.99

One Ticket to The Innovative Seller Virtual Summit & Recording 


Join hundreds of other Innovative Sellers at the Innovative Seller virtual summit. Jake and other top RevOps experts will come together to share the latest strategies on how to navigate the market and speak to the future of sales. This is a virtual event, so tune in from the comfort of your home and immediately take action on what you learn. 


Valued at $49.99

What Readers are Saying 

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"Innovative Seller' is a brilliant blend of innovative strategies and real-world applications, making it a key resource for sales professionals seeking to elevate their performance and impact."  –Mark Roberge, Co-Founder Stage2Capital, Harvard Lecturer, Former Hubpsot CRO

About the Book

Most people think that with a new playbook, new methodology, or by implementing the hot new technology revenue will increase - we call this shiny object syndrome. The Innovative Seller answers the question: what will it take to innovate your sales organization for the modern buyer and consistently stay at the forefront with technology and AI?


Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Founder, Sales Rep, Sales Leader, or VP of RevOps, The Innovative Seller discusses practices of the past, present, and future for how to uplevel your outbound lead generation, sales process, operations, and the tech stack that powers it. 


Jake Dunlap has spent the last 25 years at the forefront of the Sales and RevOps field. In this book, he has laid out the 4Cs of being an Innovative Seller and team. This is the future of sales.

Chapter 1
Innovation Isn’t Hard, Breaking Old Habits Is

Chapter 2
Introducing the 4 Cs of Modern Sales Transformation

Chapter 3
The First C: Commitment to Technology and AI Proficiency: People, Process, and Technology

Chapter 4
The Second C: Current Outbound and GTM Strategy: Pillars 1 and 2

Chapter 5
The Second C: Current Outbound and GTM Strategy: Pillar 3

Chapter 6
The Third C: Customized Sales Experience

Chapter 7
Engineering Your Sales Process for Speed

Chapter 8
Mapping Your Sales Experience—the Early Stages

Chapter 9
Mapping Your Sales Experience During the Late Stages

Chapter 10
Mapping Your Sales Experience to Current Customers

Chapter 11
The Fourth C: Consistent Performance Optimization

Chapter 12
The Future of Sales: Generative AI and the Changing Role of Sales 

About Jake

Jake Dunlap is the industry-leading CEO of Skaled, a Revenue Operations Consultancy known for its leadership in AI for sales, modern sales strategies, and focus on performance. He has worked with 1000s of top revenue leaders and teams globally, such as Microsoft, Splunk, NFL, and NBA, to streamline their sales processes driving 100s of millions of dollars in new revenue. 


With an MBA focused on International Business and 20 years of sales and revenue leadership experience, he is a trusted advisor to top VPs of Sales around the world as they look to find repeatable ways to scale without the usual chaos that comes from rapid growth. 


His insights have been featured in national media outlets such as Forbes and Huffington Post and many leading podcasts, including the Gary Vee Audio Experience. 


As the CEO of Skaled Consulting, he helps VPs of Sales and business leaders break down the complexities of scaling quickly to increase sales and gives them peace of mind through his Innovative Seller Framework.

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