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a resource hub, daily forum, and expert support platform


We’re not another Slack community.

We're building a place for sales pros to join relevant conversations, get answers, and actively participate in change.

This is a dedicated space to empower sales professionals like you to excel in the modern sales landscape, leveraging the powerful 4 Cs of Innovative Selling. 


Dive into a world of resources, connection, and growth tailored for the ambitious salesperson eager to lead the charge in innovation.


We're on a mission

The Innovative Seller Community’s mission is to empower sales professionals and leaders to navigate the evolving landscape of technology and customer-centric selling strategies. We are committed to fostering an innovative community where members can share insights, embrace new technologies, and collaboratively refine their go-to-market strategies. Through active engagement and mutual support, we aim to drive excellence in sales practices, ensuring our members are at the forefront of the industry's transformation.

The Innovative Seller Community is designed for:

Sales Reps

Sales Reps looking to boost their performance

Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders and VPs aiming to lead their teams to new heights


CROs seeking innovative strategies for revenue growth


Entrepreneurs and Founders building the next generation of sales-driven businesses

No matter your role, this community is your launchpad to stay ahead of the curve.

Inside the community, you can:


Share your stories, experiments, and challenges. 

Join conversations, post questions, and network with your peers. 

Celebrate your wins, learnings, and milestones.

Find resources and recordings for how to be an Innovative Seller

Attend live events to elevate your Innovative Seller skills

Get direct access to Jake and other Skaled experts


For just $9/month, be a part of a community creating the future of sales. 


The Book That Started It All…

The Innovative Seller answers the question: what will it take to innovate your sales organization for the modern buyer and consistently stay at the forefront with technology and AI?


Author Jake Dunlap has spent the last 25 years leading the way in sales innovation. In this book, he lays out a modern framework and approach to sales called the 4 Cs of Innovative Selling - a framework designed to keep sales leaders and professionals at the forefront of buying behavior.


The book introduces the 4 Cs. The Community is how you will take charge of your own path as an Innovative Seller and be a part of the revolution to create the future of sales.

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"The Innovative Seller offers an invigorating perspective on sales, challenging conventional methods with dynamic strategies for success in today's fast-paced business environment."  –Lars Nilsson, Former VP of Sales at Snowflake, Cloudera, and Hewlett Packard

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my copy of The Innovative Seller?

The book releases on April 9th. Depending on the date you purchase access to the community, you’ll receive your copy on April 9th or up to 5 business days after.


How can I make the most out of the community?

Maximizing your experience within The Innovative Seller Community involves active participation and engagement. Start by introducing yourself in the Introduce Yourself space to connect with peers. Dive into the 4 C's of Innovative Selling spaces to explore resources and join discussions that resonate with your interests and challenges. Sharing your experiences and learnings not only contributes to your growth but also enriches the community.


What resources are available to me as a member?

As a member of The Innovative Seller Community, you'll have access to a wealth of resources designed to empower your sales journey. This includes:

  • An extensive video library of past and current events focusing on the 4 C's of Innovative Selling.

  • Articles, templates, and guides that provide a deep dive into sales strategies and innovations.

  • A vibrant community of peers for networking, idea exchange, and collaborative problem-solving.

Can I contribute to the community discussions?

Absolutely! Your contributions are the backbone of The Innovative Seller Community. We encourage you to share your stories, challenges, and successes in the community spaces. Your insights on technology tools, sales strategies, or leadership lessons can inspire and help your peers.

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