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Keeping Pace in an AI and Customer-Centric World

This event has ended. Sign up for The Innovative Seller Community here to get access to the recordings and more.


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About the Summit

Launch into a new era of sales by joining the summit on innovation and sales presented by industry voices leading the way.

The Innovative Seller Summit is a half-day virtual experience designed to revolutionize how sales professionals and teams leverage technology and AI, strategize their go-to-market approaches, customize sales journeys, and optimize performance for consistent success. 


Sessions are crafted around the 4 Cs of Innovative Selling, so you’ll walk away with the knowledge to break old habits and embrace a framework built to withstand the test of time versus a methodology that becomes stale and obsolete. 


Our curated lineup of speakers are already walking the walk of innovative selling and will focus on practical, actionable strategies that align with modern B2B buyer behaviors.


This immersive experience will provide the tools and knowledge you need to adapt and thrive in a customer-centric and AI-driven world as well as kickstart a community of forward-thinking sales professionals committed to innovation and excellence in their field.

Leave the summit with a deep understanding of:

Commitment To Technology And AI Proficiency

Strategies to enhance technology and AI proficiency to stay competitive and responsive to market changes. 

Current Go-To-Market Strategy

Insights into crafting a go-to-market strategy that resonates with today’s buyers.

Customized Sales Journeys

Techniques for creating a personalized sales experience that meets customers at every point in their journey.

Consistent Performance Optimization

Methods for ensuring consistent performance optimization to adapt to rapidly changing sales landscapes.



Agenda Highlights

12:00-12:30 PM CT  Keynote


12:40-1:10 PM CT  COMMITMENT to technology and AI proficiency

1:20-1:50 PM CT  CURRENT go-to-market strategy

2:00-2:30 PM CT  CUSTOMIZED customer journeys

2:40-3:10 PM CT  CONSISTENT performance optimization

3:20-4:00 PM CT  Happy Hour Round Table



Ticket Price: $40

*Price of The Innovative Seller book.


Your ticket to the event is The Innovative Seller book. Register now, and we’ll send you a copy of the book when it releases on April 9th.


Access to the Summit will be emailed to you through our Innovative Seller Community platform.


For the price of one book, you get access to the Summit on Keeping Pace in an AI and Customer-Centric World and the Community for Innovative Sellers.


Ticket Price: $0

*One week of access to the Community and Summit.


Join us for the live event on March 26th!


How it works: We’ll give you limited access to The Innovative Seller Community (where we’re hosting the event) for one week to give you an opportunity to explore and join the event on March 26th. 


If you decide you want to keep your access to the Community and the Summit recordings, you can always subscribe afterward!

The Innovative Seller Book

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"The Innovative Seller offers an invigorating perspective on sales, challenging conventional methods with dynamic strategies for success in today's fast-paced business environment."  –Lars Nilsson, Former VP of Sales at Snowflake, Cloudera, and Hewlett Packard

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the Innovative Seller Summit?

After purchase, you’ll receive an invite to The Innovative Seller Community,  hosted on the platform, and where we will host the summit. You’ll receive your invite from


When will I receive my copy of The Innovative Seller?

The book releases on April 9th. Depending on the date you purchase your ticket to the summit, you’ll receive your copy on April 9th or up to 5 business days after.


What is the Innovative Seller Community?

The Innovative Seller Community is a resource hub, daily forum, and expert support platform.

It's not another Slack community. We're building a place for sales pros to join relevant conversations, get answers, and be a part of the change in a rapidly evolving sales world that will require rapidly evolving processes, skills, and technology.

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